Mark Huebner


My ad guy origin story: I started out writing concept-driven, award-winning creative for consumer brands that included McDonald’s, Nestlé, Nikon, Cadbury, and Nissan.

Then I saw how medical brands were mishandled by creative teams who were either:
• Voluntold to work on pharma accounts
• Science-minded technicians.

Thanks to my training by a handful of extraordinary pharma creative directors and my consumer brand experience, I can bridge the yawning creative gaps in medical advertising.

Doctors are rushed. Moms and caregivers are busy. Patients want to get well soon. Don’t let the heavy hand of Canadian pharmaceutical regulations stand in the way of pharma ads that get noticed and get read.

Pharma can be phun. Phone, text, or email me now to find out.



Associate Creative Director | Copy

Ogilvy CommonHealth, Toronto

I contributed to creative pitches with fast-acting concepts that wowed clients and won business.

I was the lead writer for EpiPen Auto-Injectors, Twinrix vaccine, flu shots, and a stack of pharma brands.

The motto of the creative department was, well, we didn’t really have a motto. We just did insanely great work. And while the motto was already taken, we still lived by it.

Senior Copywriter

Torre Lazur McCann, Toronto

I worked with an relentlessly inspired creative department on brands that included Nestlé Instant Breakfast, Nestlé Kid Essentials, Nestlé OptiFast, and a few pharma brands only physicians recognize.

We created comic books for educating dieticians, animated characters for training sales reps, and guerrilla videos for entertaining sales meetings.

Copywriter On Call

Canada’s Leading Pharma Agencies, Toronto

As a freelance copywriter, I wrote the award-winning concept and copy for the Canadian launch of Mobicox. The always insightful David Sharpe was creative director and art director.


Anderson DDB, Toronto

Where my pharma journey began.

My creative director, David Martin, has a brain without an off switch. Martin’s extraordinary talent was honed at Toronto’s legendary creative powerhouse Scali, McCabe, Sloves. He was an ice water bucket challenge at the epicenter of Canadian pharma advertising and supported the same from his creative department.

Highlight: Developing and writing Cadbury’s first national promotion that included an online redemption: Caramilk’s “The Secret Inside“


Palmer Jarvis DDB, Winnipeg

Writing lots and lots of award-winning consumer ads. We did it because we could. We did it because we could and because there was an email from DDB New York that said we had to dominate award shows. So we did.


BSc. Telecommunications

ORU, Tulsa, OK


Award of Excellence Communications Arts

Self Promotion for Matthew Plexman Photography –

Top Ten Title for Reluctant Readers New York Public Library

Book Title: Sports Bloopers

Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers American Library Association

Book Title: Sport Bloopers


  • Branded & Unbranded Pharma Advertising
  • Direct-To-Consumer Help-Seeking Campaigns
  • Patient Support Programs


  • Creating Smart & Lively Core Creative Concepts
  • Writing Things That People Like To Read
  • Quick Sketch Artist If Art Director Has The Flu.